Normal. & Sideways Rain in Vienna

Alias will be performing at the 2021 edition of the ImPulsTanz festival which will take place from 15 July to 15 August 2021 in Vienna, Austria. The company will give 2 performances of Sideways Rain, on Tuesday 20 July at 9pm and Thursday 22 July at 7pm, and one performance of Normal. on Wednesday 21 July at 7.30pm. All 3 performances will take place at the Akademietheater in Vienna. More information and ticketing at

Le piano égaré

Alias is taking part in the 2021 Pianos de rue project: 15 concerts in secret places all over the canton, appointments, short walks, then encounters between artists, a grand piano and extraordinary places. Rendezvous on Friday 11 June at 7pm in Meyrin for a performance in a secret place with jazz pianist Jean Ferrarini. Places are limited, so book yours for free at

Normal. on streaming with Multipla Dança

Alias is on the programme of the 11th edition of Múltipla Dança – Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporânea with “Normal”. In response to the global health situation, this 2021 edition is taking a special form: all performances will be broadcast for free on the festival’s YouTube channel. See you on Monday 24th May at 8pm (Florianòpolis time, UTC-3) / Tuesday 25th at 1am (Swiss time).

Normal. in Belgrade

Alias Cie is back on tour! In exactly one month’s time, Alias will be on stage at the Belgrade Drama Theatre in Serbia with “Normal. “on the occasion of the Belgrade Dance Festival. Two performances are on the programme on 23 and 24 March at 8 pm. More information and reservations on

Normal. in live streaming

Alias is proud to be featured in the 2020 edition of BIPOD with “Normal. Due to the current situation, this 16th edition is taking a special form this year: all performances will be performed live and streamed on a specially designed platform! Rendez-vous on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 7 pm on You can already buy a ticket to attend the performance.


As a result of the new Covid restrictions announced by the Swiss Federal Council on Wednesday 28th October, the performances of “in C” at the Théâtre Forum Meyrin on Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November are cancelled and postponed to 18th, 19th and 20th May 2021. Tickets can be exchanged by email at The November 18 performance at Théâtre Équilibre is also cancelled.

Be Sideways – Documentary

Alias presents “Be Sideways”, an original documentary directed by Stéphane Darioly, to be discovered before “in C” performances on Saturday 31 October at 5 pm and Sunday 1 November at 3.30 pm in the Audiovisual Studio of the Théâtre Forum Meyrin. “Be Sideways” recounts in images the company’s collaborative project organised in April 2016 with dancers from the Maghreb and Mashrek regions, during a unique tour of its play Sideways Rain in the Middle East. Reservation by telephone on +41 22 989 34 34 or by e-mail to

New creation – in C

Alias is back with his brand new creation “in C”, a show-concert with the Fribourg group The Young Gods to be discovered from October 27 to November 1 2020 at Théâtre Forum Meyrin and on November 18 2020 at Equilibre – Fribourg !


« We are almost entirely made of darkness. »


«A choreographer of humane psychology and sentiment»*, Guilherme Botelho seems to portray on stage the very life of the spectator, mirroring his or her aspirations, inner demons and secret desires.  Enacting the unuttered and expressing the inner contradictions which influence our relation to the world, the stage becomes a medium between us and it. Therein, perhaps, lies the secret of a career that seems not only not to wane but to constantly reinvent itself.

Alias’ creations cast a shrewd, uncompromising look at our daily lives.  The company has made of mission of seeing through appearances and unravelling habits, calling our convictions into question, and searching for hidden, unexplored or unusual points of view. From that commitment emerges a reality that is notably different from the mechanical, reassuring one that our usual perception reveals, calling the latter into question and challenging our perceptive habits to explore the field of our sensations in greater depth. Meaning is conveyed by the use of movement as a language capable of expressing raw, unconscious emotions through individual energy.

Alias is an independent contemporary dance company created in Geneva in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Guilherme Botelho. Since its inception, the company has produced more than twenty five shows crowned by international success, as reflected by the nearly five hundred performances given in twenty countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America.

Alias was the first Swiss choreographic company to be granted a joint subsidy by a city (Geneva), a canton (Geneva) and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.





22.07.2021 SIDEWAYS RAIN Vienna, Austria ImPulsTanz
21.07.2021 NORMAL. Vienna, Austria ImPulsTanz
20.07.2021 SIDEWAYS RAIN Vienna, Austria ImPulsTanz
24.05.2021 NORMAL. Florianòpolis, Brazil Múltipla Dança (digital edition)
22.05.2021 (2x) IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
21.05.2021 (2x) IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
19.05.2021 (2x) IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
18.05.2021 (2x) IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
17.05.2021 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
13.04.2021 - CANCELLED SIDEWAYS RAIN Mainz, Germany Tanzmainz Festival
12.04.2021 - CANCELLED SIDEWAYS RAIN Mainz, Germany Tanzmainz Festival
24.03.2021 NORMAL. Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade Dance Festival
23.03.2021 NORMAL. Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade Dance Festival


25.11.2020 NORMAL. Live Streaming Performance BIPOD Festival
18.11.2021 - CANCELLED IN C Fribourg, Switzerland Equilibre
6.11.2020 - CANCELLED SIDEWAYS RAIN Leipzig, Germany euro-scene Leipzig
5.11.2020 - CANCELLED SIDEWAYS RAIN Leipzig, Germany euro-scene Leipzig
1.11.2020 - POSTPONED TO MAY 2021 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
31.10.2020 - POSTPONED TO MAY 2021 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
30.10.2020 - POSTPONED TO MAY 2021 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
29.10.2020 - POSTPONED TO MAY 2021 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
28.10.2020 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland Théâtre Forum Meyrin
27.10.2020 IN C Meyrin, Switzerland (World Premiere) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
29.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Alexandria, Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina
28.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Alexandria, Egypt Bibliotheca Alexandrina
23.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
22.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
21.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
19.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
18.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
17.03.2020 - POSTPONED TBC SIDEWAYS RAIN Cairo, Egypt Falaki Theater
17.01.2020 SIDEWAYS RAIN Morges, Switzerland Théâtre de Beausobre


23.11.2019 NORMAL. Karlsruhe, Germany Tanz Karlsruhe
15.10.2019 SIDEWAYS RAIN Moscow, Russia Territory Festival
14.10.2019 SIDEWAYS RAIN Moscow, Russia Territory Festival
26.09.2019 NORMAL. São Paulo, Brazil Teatro Anchieta
22.09.2019 NORMAL. São Paulo Campinas, Brazil Bienal do SESC São Paulo
21.09.2019 NORMAL. São Paulo Campinas, Brazil Bienal do SESC São Paulo
15.08.2019 NORMAL. Mexico City, Mexico Escénica Festival
14.08.2019 NORMAL. Mexico City, Mexico Escénica Festival
16.07.2019 ANTES Bassano del Grappa, Italy OperaEstate - Festival Veneto
12.07.2019 A POLICE FORCE Ourense, Spain Corpo(a)terra
11.07.2019 A POLICE FORCE Ourense, Spain Corpo(a)terra
10.07.2019 A POLICE FORCE Ourense, Spain Corpo(a)terra
5.05.2019 A POLICE FORCE Rolle, Switzerland Swiss Dance Fest 2019
4.05.2019 A POLICE FORCE Lugano, Switzerland Swiss Dance Fest 2019
3.05.2019 A POLICE FORCE Zug, Switzerland Swiss Dance Fest 2019
1.05.2019 A POLICE FORCE Gland, Switzerland Swiss Dance Fest 2019
1.05.2019 A POLICE FORCE Geneva, Switzerland Swiss Dance Fest 2019
26.03.2019 NORMAL. Monthey, Switzerland Théâtre Crochetan
21.03.2019 CONVERSE-WORLDS Freiburg, Switzerland Equilibre / Nuithonie

Tour 2019


Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan
Mexico (MEX) Escénica Festival
São Paulo Campinas (BR) Bienal do SESC São Paulo
São Paulo (BR) Bienal do SESC São Paulo, Teatro Anchieta
Karlsruhe (DE) Tanz Karlsruhe


Fribourg (CH) Equilibre


Bassano del Grappa (ITA) OperaEstate - Festival Veneto

Sideways Rain

Moscou (RUS) Territory Festival

A Police Force

Geneva (CH) Swiss Dance Fest 2019
Gland (CH) Swiss Dance Fest 2019
Zoug (CH) Swiss Dance Fest 2019
Swiss Dance Fest 2019
Swiss Dance Fest 2019
Ourense (ES) Corpo(a)terra

Tour 2018


Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin


Düsseldorf (D) Asphalt Festival


Recife (BR) Festival Cena Cumplicidades
Fortaleza (BR) VI Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará
Londrina (BR) 16º Festival de Dança de Londrina

Sideways Rain

Braunschweig (D) Staatstheater Braunschweig
Kielce (PL) Kielecki Teatr Tańca
Lublin (PL) Centrum Spotkania Kultur
Siedlce (PL) Centrum Kultury i Sztuki
Bialystok (PL) Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska


Fortaleza (BR) VI Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará


Geneva (CH) Dance Festival 2018

Tour 2017


Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin


Divonne-Les-Bains Esplanade du Lac


Kaunas (LTU) Festival Aura 27
Buenos Aires (ARG) Galpon de Guevara
Buenos Aires (ARG) Teatro 25 de Mayo
Mar del Plata (ARG) Centro de las Artes Provinciales Auditorium
Krakow (PL) Kroki Contemporary Dance Festival

Sideways Rain

Paris (FR) Festival Quartier d'été
Mar del Plata (ARG) Centro de las Artes Provinciales Auditorium
Santa Fe (ARG) Teatro Municipal 1° de Mayo
Buenos Aires (ARG) Teatro 25 de Mayo

The Weight of a Sponge

Beirut (LBN) Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD)


Buenos Aires (ARG) Teatro 25 de Mayo


Buenos Aires (ARG) UNSAM Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Tour 2016


Karlsruhe (D) 20 Jahre Tanzfestival, Tanz Karlsruhe
Genève (CH) Festival de La Bâtie
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan

Sideways Rain

Paris (FR) Théâtre du Monfort
Kielce (PL) Kielecki Teatr Tanca
Warsaw (PL) Body Mind Festival C/U
Jerusalem (IL) Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF)
Ramallah (PS) Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF)
Amman (JD) Amman Contemporary Dance Festival
Beyrouth (LE) Platform of Dance (BIPOD)
Beyrouth (LE) Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD)


Düsseldorf (DE) ASPHALT Festival
Hannover (DE) Tanz Kongress
Hannover (DE) Tanz Kongress
Heidelberg (DE) Tanzbiennale

Tour 2015


Zürich (CH) Swiss Dance Days
Utrecht (NL) Spring Festival
Skopje (MK) MOT Festival

Tour 2014

Le Poids des Eponges

Bayonne (FR) Théâtre de Bayonne, Scène Nationale Bayonne - Sud Aquitain
Arcachon (FR) Théâtre Olympia
Vevey (CH) Théâtre de Vevey
Mézières (CH) Théâtre du Jorat
Morges (CH) Théâtre de Beausobre
Bienne (CH) Théâtre Palace

Sideways Rain

Birmingham (UK) Hippodrome
Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan
Neuchâtel (CH) Théâtre du Passage
Fribourg (CH) Théâtre Equilibre


Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan
Neuchâtel (CH) Théâtre du Passage


Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan

Tour 2013


Paris (FR) Centre National de la Danse
Bienne (CH) Théâtre Palace
Bâle (CH) Kaserne, Journées de Danse Contemporaine Suisse

Sideways Rain

Turnhout (BE) De Warande
Brugge (BE) Stadsschouwburg
Den Haag (NL) Lucent Danstheater
Arnhem (NL) Schouwburg
Groningen (NL) Stadsschouwburg
Den Bosch (NL) Theater aan de Parade
Hasselt (BE) Cultuurcentrum
Zwolle (NL) Odeon
Tilburg (NL) Theaters
Thonon les Bains (FR) Maison des Arts de Thonon-Evian
Nottingham (GB) Festival Nottdance
Bologna (IT) Teatri di Vita
Clermont Ferrand (FR) La Comédie

Le Poids des Eponges

Fribourg (CH) Equilibre
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan
Belgrade (RS) Belgrade Dance Festival

Tour 2012

Sideways Rain

Ferrara (IT) Teatro Comunale
Leverkusen (DE) Bayer Kulturhaus
Bezon (FR) Théâtre Paul Eluard
Mulhouse (FR) La Filature
Hall in Tirol (AT) Osterfestival
Heilbronn (DE) Tanz! Heilbronn
Montreal (CA) Festival TransAmériques
Francfort (DE) Mousonturm
Prague (CZ) Tanec Praha
Genève (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Londres (GB) Sadler's Wells

Les Cabots (création)

Genève (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Paris (FR) Centre Culturel Suisse
Lausanne (CH) Théâtre Sévelin


Le Locle (CH) La Grange-Le Casino

Le Poids des Eponges (Re-création)

Genève (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin

Tour 2011

Sideways Rain

Bâle (CH) Tanztage, Kaserne
Berne (CH) Journées de danse contemporaine suisse
Utrecht (NL) Springdance Festival
Vienne (AT) Tanzquartier
Noisy-le-Grand (FR) Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine Saint-Denis
Lucerne (CH) Südpol
Falaise (FR) Festival La Danse de tous les sens
Séoul (KR) Modafe Festival
Porto (PT) Fundaçao de Serralves, Serralves em Festa
Zagreb (HR) Dance Week Festival
Berlin (DE) Tanz im August
Zürich (CH) Zürcher Theater Spektakel
Hanovre (DE) TANZtheater International
Sofia (BG) Sofia Dance Week
Amsterdam (NL) Stadsschouwburg
Tel Aviv (IL) Suzanne Dellal Center
Leipzig (DE) Euro-Scene
Sao Paulo (BR) Panorama Sesi de dança


Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan

Jetuilnousvousils (création)

Genève (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan

Le Poids des Eponges

Sao Paulo (BR) Panorama Sesi de dança

Tour 2010

I want to go home

Saint-Etienne (FR) Festival Semaine de danse, Théâtre Copeau

Don't stay in the middle of the road

Genève (CH) Fête de la musique, Cours des Casemates

Sideways Rain (création)

Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin
Kaunas (LT) International Modern Dance festival
Monthey (CH) Théâtre du Crochetan

Roméo et Juliette

Meyrin (CH) Théâtre Forum Meyrin

Vaguement Derrière

Bielefeld (DE) Stadttheater

Community Outreach

Starting in 1999, with the support of the Department of Education of Geneva (DIP), Alias Company has been doing community outreach work on behalf of contemporary dance in schools to offer students of different grades a space to develop bodily awareness, creativity and familiarization with contemporary dance, as well as with the company’s work.

At the same time, several outreach activities in direct contact with the community are being carried out in partnership with the commune of Meyrin, the Meyrin Forum Theatre and various cultural and social associations. Beyond an exploration of movement, these partnerships allow different audiences to socialize around a shared artistic experience.

The activities are designed and facilitated by a person responsible for pedagogic and outreach projects, working in collaboration with the artistic and technical team of Alias.

Français - Math - DANSE

Since 2017, the Français-Math-DANSE project offers an initiation to contemporary dance, through the school link. Students participate in body workshops and discover the foundations of this art of movement.

Description & Objectives
To allow the children of the commune of Meyrin to live a contemporary dance experience as part of their schooling, even if their family and socio-economic background does not predispose them to it. This project tends to be anchored in the long term so that, in the end, all Meyrin schoolchildren can be introduced to dance during their education.
During 3 mornings, the students, led by Catherine Egger, explore movement by connecting with their bodies. They develop their imagination and awaken their senses. Technique and aesthetics are not part of this work.

Why dance for schoolchildren
Contemporary dance allows us to approach sensitive spaces, to weave links between the body and its environment, between one’s own body and that of the other. It gives different access to the subjects covered in class, as well as on the relational and cognitive level. It awakens curiosity and develops autonomy.

Dance & Body Training
By working in a playful and serious way, the following points are addressed:

The body = anatomy
Recognize and become familiar with your body. Locate specific points, isolate them, deepen their relationship to other parts of the body and their feelings.
The weight of the body
Feel the weight of your body in relation to gravity and momentum. Work on and with the ground.
Music makes the body vibrate
Living music and rhythm with your body. Listening to music with your body.
Become one with the other, with the group.
Making two bodies dance together. Listening to each other, being in contact with each other. Sharing, exchanging.
Develop a sense of belonging. To feel one’s body and person in action in a group and in space. Create links to dance with others and find one’s place.
Respect the body
Listen and take care of your body and the bodies of others. A body for all life. Aging”, the wear and tear of the body.
The body that speaks
The expression of feelings and sensations by our body. Recognizing what my body expresses, as well as that of others.
The dancing body
Recognize, in your body, the notion of pleasure, effort and relaxation.
The body at work
Feel creativity through your body. To develop improvisation by deploying the full potential of the body in movement.

The city of Meyrin and the House of Companies

Catherine Egger
+41 79 426 68 36

De Saussure Secondary School

For the past three years, Alias has been carrying out a series of residencies and outreach activities, first at the Cayla middle school, from 2014 to 2015, then at Gradelle, from 2015 to 2016. This unique experience is now being carried further with an important project in 2016-2017 at the de Saussure Secondary School.

Description & objectives
The prime objective of this residency is to arouse the curiosity of pupils and teachers about the(ir) body.  Dance and the body in motion are two main axes of this residence. The question « what role does my body play in my life? » will be the guiding thread throughout the year.

The residency will comprise twelve projects of different nature, structure and scale: workshops in movement and various dance techniques, conferences, rehearsals, films, improvisation, drawing and photography workshops, etc. The projects will be elaborated in coordination with the teachers concerned.

The company will carry out rehearsals and run-throughs for its various tours in the school’s auditorium.  Rehearsals will be open to students and educators alike, making the profession and world of contemporary dance visible and accessible to all one thousand pupils, one hundred and twenty five teachers and thirty administrative employees.

School angel

This project lasted until 2011-2012

Description & objectives
Contemporary dance project in schools related to L’Ange du foyer (Home angel), choreography for young and old created in 2008 by Alias.

The objective was to conduct children through the choreographic universe of
Home angel, a family choreography created in 2008 at the Meyrin Forum Theatre. The children were encouraged to create their own « school angel » by reacting to the fantasy of Guilherme Botelho, the company’s choreographer, whilst utilizing their own universe and body language developed in the course of workshops.  During the fifth and last week of workshops, the four groups and the company got together in the company’s studio to share their work and debate about the piece with the choreographer and the dancers present in Geneva.

Department of Education (DIP) « Les arts et l’enfant » (Children and the Arts), Meyrin Forum Theatre

Dance at school

Description & objectives
In these workshops, Fabio Bergamaschi guides the children through creative and playful experiences where imagination and feeling are the pillars of movement.  Technique and esthetics are not part of this work. By means of a precise and constructive improvisation procedure, children are put at the center of the creative process.

Availability and responsiveness of the body: the body in a state of absorption: listening, being present, concentration…
Body awareness: weight, letting go, momentum, contraction/relaxation, muscle tone, relation to the ground, imprints…
Actions and feeling, different states of the body: slicing, cutting, rolling petting, drawing, enveloping, lying down, floating…
Space and occupation of space: crossing the stage, directions, orientations, creating spaces, space as malleable material and/or sound, vision…
Musicality of the body: different dynamics and qualities of movement, different tempi,  initiation and conclusion of movement, syntax of a gesture, pre-movement, resonance
Writing a movement: creation of movements by children, composition and memorization of a choreographic phrase based on those movements, appropriation of a choreographic phrase and improvisation with the newly acquired language…
Reading the body

Stage performance at end of school year
The aim of a public performance is not to point out, demonstrate or prove anything but to share with the people close to us the adventure that we lived through by immersing them in it, and to witness the fantasies that were prompted… to share an experience in order to engender meaning, to live the artistic process fully and become aware of all the trades involved in the production of a show. A stage performance is an experience of respect, individual and collective responsibility, multiple emotions, sensorial perception and trust in oneself and others.

A body to last a lifetime

Project carried out from 2008 to 2009, and from 2009 to 2010. During the second season, it comprised four parts:

Part 1   –   Dance at school
C.f. detailed description.

Part 2   –   Workshops for seniors Description & objectives
Weekly creativity and movement workshops for people over sixty five. Using improvisation games, facilitator Caroline de Cornière proposes an exploration of movement (movement of joints, quality of movement, listening, space…). Individual and collective work around dance to develop our understanding of it as a language of the body and to enrich our musicality and movement. To enhance responsibility and initiative for one’s own health, self esteem and respect for others through the pleasure of dancing and creating.

Circa fifteen retirees living in the commune of Meyrin

Dates & schedules
October to June, weekly ninety minute workshops

Department of Culture and Assistance to Seniors of the commune of Meyrin, Meyrin Forum Theatre

Part 3   –   Exhibit: « La force du grand âge » (The strength of old age)
Description & objectives
Exhibit & Work in progress in relation to the Meyrin Forum Theatre theme “Avec le temps” (« With time »).  The objective was to highlight the expression of an aging body through the medium of contemporary dance, short films and photography.

General public

Department of Culture and Assistance to Seniors of the commune of Meyrin, Meyrin Forum Theatre

Part 4   –   Show Description &
Two part project around the theme of the body at every age, putting children face to face with seniors.  Intergenerational work mixing abstract scenes with narrative ones to the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The objective was to give participants a chance to present their work on stage, to become familiarized with the different trades of stage production, and to discover the stakes of a performance, as well as to give two generations the opportunity to get to know each other around a shared artistic experience.

Participants in « Dance at school » and « Dance for Seniors » workshops as well as the general public

Department of Culture and Assistance to Seniors of the commune of Meyrin, Meyrin Forum Theatre


Alias is granted a joint subsidy by the City of Meyrin, the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.

Alias is a dance company associated to the Theater Forum Meyrin (Geneva)  and the Theater Crochetan (Valais).


    Director & choreographer

  • Guilherme Botelho

    Brazilian born Swiss choreographer Guilherme Botelho started his dance career in Sao Paulo. He was later hired by the ballet of the Grand Théâtre in Geneva. He created Alias in 1994.
    A keen observer of the paradoxes in our daily lives, the tensions that dwell in social relations and the questions that currently face the world, Botelho queries reality through his creations in an often highly provocative way.

    There is a strong desire in him to question the meaning of things through his choreographies, dominated by movement and unbalance and demanding a complete commitment from the dancers.



    (choreography for 7 performers)

    Victoria Hoyland, Arnaud Bacharach, Eve Bouchelot, Louis Bourel, Erica Bravini, Sarah Bucher, Veronica Garcia, Laetitia Gex, Alex Landa-Aguirreche, Romane Peytavin, Gabriel Simoës, Johanna Willig-Rosenstein


    (choreography for 8 performers)

    Arnaud Bacharach, Louis Bourel-Germain, Clara Delorme, Judith Desse, Laetitia Gex, Victoria Holyand, Alex Landa-Aguirreche, Evita Pitara, Angela Rabaglio, Kelsey Rohr, Gabriel Simoes, Johanna Willig-Rosenstein


    (choreography for 5 performers)

    Fabio Bergamaschi, Victoria Hoyland, Erik Lobelius, Angela Rabaglio, Amaury Réot, Luisa Schöfer


    (choreography for 12 performers)

    Fabio Bergamaschi, Alexandre Bibia, Adriano Coletta, Giulia Franceschini, Victoria Hoyland, Erik Lobelius, Raquel Miro, Anaïs Pensé, Anne-Lise Pizot, Angela Rabaglio, Linn Ragnarsson, Amaury Réot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Adrian Rusmali, Luisa Schöfer, Carl Staaf, Christos Strinopoulos, Emilie Szikora, Sarah Waelchli

  • LE POIDS DES EPONGES (The Weight of a Sponge)

    (choreography for 11 performers)

    Fabio Bergamaschi, Elsa Couvreur, Johannes Lind, Erik Lobelius, Marie-Louise Nespolo, Madeleine Piguet Raykov, Luisa Schofer, Ambre Pini, Amaury Réot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Candide Sauvaux, Christos Strinopoulos


    (choreography for 10 performers)

    Fabio Bergamaschi, Erik Lobelius, Linn Ragnarsson, Amaury Réot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Marion Rochefeuille, Adrian Rusmali, Luisa Schöfer, Nefeli Skarmea, Christos Strinopoulos


    (choreography for 14 performers)

    Stéphanie Bayle, Rémi Benard, Fabio Bergamaschi, Stanislav Genadiev, Alexandre Bibia, Adriano Coletta, Victoria Hoyland, Johannes Lind, Erik Lobelius, Philia Maillardet, Alessandra Mattana, Ambre Pini, Anne-Lise Pizot, Ismaël Oiartzabal, Angela Rabaglio, Linn Ragnarsson, Julien Ramade, Amaury Réot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Adrian Rusmali, Candide Sauvaux, Luisa Schöfer, Nefeli Skarmea, Christos Strinopoulos


Alias / Guilherme Botelho
22, Rue Cardinal-Journet
1217 Meyrin


T : +41 (0)22 731 23 61


info (at)