1° part of Trilogy : Distância


1° part of Trilogy : Distância

"A science-fiction choreography about the nature of man before his socialization" Guilherme Botelho

"Guilherme Botelho celebrates his company’s twentieth year. As a coronation, he presents the origin of the world." Le Temps

  • Length 60 min

    Choreography Guilherme Botelho

    Assistant Fabio Bergamaschi

    Music Murcof

    Lights Jean-Philippe Roy

    Interpretation (creation) : Erik Lobelius, Victoria Hoyland, Anne-Lise Pizot, Claire-Marie Ricarte, Amaury Réot, Linn Ragnarsson, Fabio Bergamaschi, Christos Strinopoulos, Giulia Franceschini, Angela Rabaglio, Adrian Rusmali, Luisa Schöfer

    Production Alias

    Co-productions Theater Forum Meyrin (Geneva) / Theater Crochetan (Valais)


    Alias is granted a joint subsidy by the City of Meyrin, the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.

    Alias is a dance company associated to the Theater Forum Meyrin (Geneva) and the Theater Crochetan (Valais).

    Creation 2014 / Theater Forum Meyrin

  • With Antes, Guilherme Botelho completes his Distância trilogy, a reflection on the history of humanity, as well as on individual and collective destinies. Pushing anatomy to the point of abstraction, we are made aware that we rarely look at a body in such a manner, and that the trade of the choreographer lies precisely therein: revealing the unfamiliar behind the well-known, presenting the envelope of flesh as a territory, nudity as an experience, and unveiling the possibility of knowledge.  

    The choreography resembles a landscape: naked bodies, overloaded with energy, potency and life. A conglomerate of atoms, a pile of joints and ligaments, muscles and flesh, a forest of homo sapiens, with their feet rooted in the ground. They share a common, organic trait, yet they are isolated and evolve each in their own private vital space.