Since its creation in 1994, Alias has produced more than twenty shows and staged close to five hundred performances in around twenty countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.


"In an entirely sane society, madness is the only form of freedom.” J.G.Ballard

"You do not want to miss Alias Dance Company. It makes you want to go to work, the next day, wearing a looser tie, just to breathe.” L'Orient le jour, Lebanon

  • 1994 – En manque
    1995 – Moving a perhaps
    1996 – Contrecoup
    1998 – On ne peut pas toujours être en apnée
    1999 – Le spectacle du temps 31.12.1999
    2000 – De beaux restes
    2000 – Mr. Winter
    2001 – L’odeur du voisin
    2003 – Le poids des éponges
    2003 – Escucha mi cantar
    2004 – Vaguement derrière
    2005 – 0.5‰
    2005 – I want to go home
    2006 – Frankenstein !
    2007 – Approcher la poussière
    2008 – L’Ange du foyer
    2009 – O avesso do avesso
    2009 – Camelô
    2010 – All included
    2010 – Don’t stay in the middle of the road
    2010 – Romeo et Juliette (avec le Ballet Junior)
    2011 – Les Cabots

  • From 1994 to the present, the adventure of Alias is that of a Genevan company who was able to reach, since its first production, an audience that has remained faithful for a more than twenty year stretch of surprising research in style, incredible choreographic discoveries and an extremely rich imagination for set design.

    Guilherme Botelho’s company deals with the major themes in the human condition; his shows seem to probe the human soul in depth: desperate quest for love in his first creation, En manque (Abstinence); household violence, masks and appearances in Contrecoup (Repercussions); genetic manipulations in Frankenstein!, Approcher la poussière (Bring forth the dust) hinges on the principle of reiteration, and Botelho made a lasting impression on the general public with his creation, on December 31st  1999, on the immense Plainpalais square in Geneva, of Le Spectacle du temps (The Spectacle of Time), which marked the passing of the millennium.

    The notion of destiny is present throughout his work by way of accidents or props falling from heaven: water, paper, snow, patches of plaster…The stage sets of his previous shows were often impressive and left indelible images in the minds of the spectators:  for example the room filling up with water in Moving a perhaps, the immense, motionless wave in Vaguement derrière (Vaguely behind), a show that was incorporated in the repertoire of the Tanztheater Ballet Bielefeld in 2010, or the snow covering the entire stage in  O avesso do avesso.