Swiss Dance Fest 2019 creation


  • Soutiens

    Alias is granted a joint subsidy by the City of Meyrin, the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.

    Alias is a dance company associated to the Theater Forum Meyrin (Geneva) and the Theater Crochetan (Valais).

  • On the street, in front of a school, a supermarket or in the corridors of a shopping mall, the police watch over the city. Through its figure of authority and governance, this police force pursues its daily mission, guaranteeing the tranquillity of life for passers-by. The dense circulation of thoughtful passers-by is rhythmed, implicitly, by the rounds of the order’s representatives dressed in uniforms, contrasting with the passers-by’s outfit. Nothing seems to be able to disrupt their presence. Nothing? A transformation of the sounds of public space changes the organisation and twists the established structure by redistributing the cards of authority. Passion, sensuality, abandonment, exaltation… A mixture of dizziness like a whirlwind of feelings while the city is overshadowed by a utopian blanket.