3° part of Trilogy : Distância


3° part of Trilogy : Distância

"Art is anti-destiny." André Malraux

"A dazzling, hypnotic dance performance» Libération2016

  • Running time 60 min

    Choreography Guilherme Botelho

    Assistant Madeleine Piguet Raykov

    Music Murcof (Fernando Corona)

    Costumes Marion Schmid d’après Julia Hansen

    Scenography Guilherme Botelho, Stefanie Liniger, Gilles Lambert

    Lights Jean-Philippe Roy

    Interpretation (creation) : Stéphanie Bayle, Rémi Benard, Fabio Bergamaschi, Stanislav genadiev, Erik Lobelius, Philia Maillardet, Alessandra Mattanan, Ismaël Oiartzabal, Julien Ramade, Claire Marie Ricarte, Adrian Rusmali, Candide Sauvaux, Nefeli Skarmea, Christos Strinopoulos.

    Set design  Ateliers Stadttheater Bern, Atelier GGn-Matin Rautenstrauch, Ateliers de décors de Théâtre Le Lignon. A part of the Sideways Rain decor was built with the dancers of the Bern Ballet.

    Production Alias

    Co-productions La Bâtie - Festival of Geneva, Theater Forum Meyrin, Theater du Crochetan


    Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, Fondation Corymbo, Fondation Leenards.

    Alias is granted a joint subsidy by the City of Meyrin, the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.

    Alias is a dance company associated to the Theater Forum Meyrin (Geneva) and the Theater Crochetan (Valais).

    Creation 2010 / La Bâtie - Festival de Genève, Theaer Forum Meyrin

  • They advance pushed by the same force, which draws them indefatigably forward. Whence? Towards a common destiny which seems to slide between their fingers.  The human condition, the evolution of mankind and the transformations of the universe are all sketched out in one crossing after another.

    With Sideways Rain, Guilherme Botelho takes us on a journey of anonymous characters walking, running, falling, getting up, stopping and starting again as if on the tracks of a Darwinian cycle which seems destined to repeat itself infinitely and inevitably.

    An ode to life, to its brute force, its infinite energy and the enigmatic laws that rule the world. The choreography makes us spectators of the birth of the universe, of its forward march, its decline and its possible rebirth.  This strange cycle of life and death is escorted by the light: bodies coming out of the shadows are projected into a blaze and end up in a crepuscular atmosphere.